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Maude Paradis was first dazzled by the beauty of the world when, at the age of two, she saw the sun's rays multiplying in the bath water. From that moment on, she's been trying, often fortuitously, to catch this beauty, to make it her own, and to create it in her turn. Very early, she started to draw, and she understood the basics of perspective at the age of five. During her childhood, she won numerous first prizes in the Caisses populaires Desjardins International Drawing Contest and in other drawing competitions. As an adult,  she took sculpture workshops with Claude Rodrigue, which opened the possibilities of making tridimensional projects like puppets, furniture and decorative pieces. She is a self-taught avid photographer, and her favourite subjects  are nature and the contrasts between elements.

Here, the intellectuality mixed with incandescent passion that is found in her singing and writing practices gives way to a plastic research dipped in softness and interiority, and with a persistent fascination for light, its games, and its unveilings.

Hänsel und Gretel


Hänsel und Gretel

Photo credit: Jean-François Lanthier
Hänsel und Gretel
Hänsel und Gretel
Furniture and decorative elements
Photo credit: Jean-François Lanthier
Table de chevet.jpg
Birch Cabinet
Fox Shadow box

Roses bedside table

 Faces Shoe holder


April's textures

Textures 2.jpg
Textures 4.jpg

We will be swallowed

Nous serons avalés.jpg

Lake Saint-Louis in the half-light


Daliesque reflections

Reflets à la Dali.jpg

Wintery layers

Textures 3.jpg
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